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Mediabackup is a script to make uncompressed backups of your valuable files.
It was first created by Kebes in response to Balaam's Miracle's question about file backup tools that can make unscheduled, uncompressed and unarchived backups to any kind of disk, specifically to DVD.
One of the original requirements was that the files on the resulting disks should be accessible on other operating systems, including stand-alone DVD players, without the need for additional programs to restore, copy or extract them.

Almost immediately after Kebes posted his very first version of the script, Balaam's Miracle made additional requests, suggestions and bugreports. Eventually Balaam's Miracle, who had started using Linux only one month earlier, decided to try and make some of the modifications himself.
Supported by Kebes and encouraged by the success of his modifications, Balaam's Miracle continued to tinker and this lead to the discovery of Zenity to create a GUI.
In the mean time, Kebes continued to perfect the rest of the code, adding and modifying routines, it is him that created the heart of the script.

After the introduction of the GUI, the script became more userfriendly and especially newbiefriendly than it already was. Processes were streamlined and errortraps were added in order to make the script more resilient against errors that users may encounter.

In the future, more features will be added, more processes will be automated and the script will give more feedback through the GUI.




Mediabackup requires the following external packages / programs to be installed: